Welcome on our Homepage!

General ...

- Member by ADRK since 1996
- 1998 - kennel examination and submission of the name „von der Blockhütte“
- 1999 – first puppies by our bitch „ Gwendi vom Kressbach“
- joining by BG Coburg / Mährenhausen
- 2000 and 2001 Guido was 2. chairman of BG Coburg/Mährenhausen
- 2003 – election for breeding supervisor of BG Coburg/Mährenhausen
- 2004 – nomination for tattooer of LG Bayern-North
- 2008 – election for 2. chairman of LG Bayern-North
- 2010 - Foundation BG Lindenberg, choice to the 1st board of directors
  and Zuchtwart
- 2020 - Appointment as VDH/ADRK breed judge for the Rottweiler breed

Picture: Spring Examination 2005 BG Coburg/Mährenhausen

Breed and Training ...

- our dogs are family near drawn up and held. A good coinage and socialization are important to us.
- all our dogs originate from own breed.
- Guido is in the possession of the ADRK and the DHV of protection service aid passport as well as specialcustomerohwise "training supervisor protection dog haven" in the SGSV/VDH it several times successfully in national championships participated.

We are endeavor nature-firm to breed efficient and graceful designed Rottweiler.